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Intelligent Claims & Case Management

Claims management software for property repair, building restoration and emergency response markets.


"Pulse is a functionally rich system using up-to-date technology well suited to companies in the insurance supply chain." Ian Bullen, Owner, bSure.


Pulse is designed to reduce your costs of managing claims and drive operational efficiency across your organisation. With low upfront investment required, the Pulse pay per claim business model will ensure your return on investment is far lower than building and maintaining in-house software to manage your job process. We would be delighted to work with you to provide a business case justification for introducing Pulse into your business.

Reduce Spend

Pulse will help you better manage your margins through increased visibility of costs in real-time across your business. Centrally managed pricing and adherence to standards enables you to control costs whilst delivering excellent customer service. Pulse will also drive down operational costs through more efficient management of resources both central and field based.

Drive Operational Efficiency

The Pulse sophisticated job management system streamlines workflow and process automation coupled with a simple user interface. This improves user productivity by eliminating errors and delays in claim processing. Claims Handlers can each handle significantly more claims, substantially reducing the administrative cost per claim. Claims can also be tracked against key milestones and managed more efficiently.

Improved Customer Service

Pulse will deliver improvements throughout the supply chain for the benefit of all stakeholders including the policy holder through to the insurer. In a market that has seen considerable change over the years, adding value to all parties in the supply chain can only help provide stability in supply chain relationships and ultimately lead to improved end customer service. Pulse provides key SLA reporting, exception management and real time alerts enabling proactive management and monitoring of your claims delivery. Effective integration with insurer systems enables faster claim processing, more productive staff and improved customer satisfaction.

Simplify Systems Management

Delivered as a hosted on-demand service over the Internet and via a web-browser, Pulse offers a significant cost saving against traditional IT solutions. You save money by not having to purchase servers or software upfront which delivers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), allowing you to focus budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure.

In addition, Pulse offers multiple pricing options, so you can choose a model that best suits your business.