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Intelligent Claims & Case Management

Claims management software for property repair, building restoration and emergency response markets.

Case Study

A leading Australian disaster reconstruction specialist transforms its management of insurance claims using a powerful new on-line application from EDM Group Ltd that cuts claim cycle times by 20%.


Pulse is a sophisticated claims and job management system aimed at building, repair and restoration networks where multiple local supplier management is critical. That’s why Dankav chose to work with EDM Group Ltd, the company behind Pulse.

Being mobile ready and capable of interfacing with mainstream estimating systems, Pulse was readily integrated into Dankav’s existing system using a powerful built-in API suite which was adapted to recognise Australian currency, postcodes and time zones.

With the new technology in place, Dankav can now enjoy the following benefits:

  • a fully integrated approach
  • reduced congestion during times of unprecedented demand
  • enhanced use of the latest mobile technology
  • improved claims cycle experience from FNOL through to completion
  • reduced operating times
  • increased customer satisfaction

"Pulse will enable us to transform our claims handling – not just making it faster, but increasing accuracy and fairness in claim settlements. And because it’s a dynamic system we can ensure that all stakeholders are kept fully informed.”  Daniel Veitch, MD, Dankav