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Intelligent Claims & Case Management

Claims management software for property repair, building restoration and emergency response markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pulse is a web based, claims workflow application that simplifies insurance claims management. It lets you progress claims online, manage stakeholder documents associated with each claim, run reports and much more.

Pulse can be used by organisations of all sizes that need to improve their claims management process to quickly see work in progress, avoid inefficiency and maximise capacity without adding staff.

If you deal with any part of the claims process, from notification through to settlement, you can use Pulse.

Many companies and individuals benefit from Pulse, including:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Claims Management Companies
  • Insurances Brokers
  • Claims/Loss Adjusters
  • Insurance Supply Chain Partners
  • Construction Firms and Builders

Pulse can be used on a pay-as-you-use basis which means the costs match your business demand, and the upfront costs can be kept to a minimum. Don't hesitate to get in touch as we have various price plans depending on your requirements.

Pulse supports the following claim types:

  • Property Claims
  • Motor Claims
  • Commercial Claims

Yes. All claims are managed to the service levels agreed with your client. Where the claims process falls outside these SLA's then Pulse will alert you. Your team can also create tasks for themselves, or each other, or any supply chain partner and assign a due date, even if they're on the move. To help users monitor and track their tasks, Pulse allows custom work queues to be configured. Work queues are a great way to organise your workforce into teams and keep claim cycle times down to a minimum.

Yes, you can manage your operative's time and appointments with an Outlook style diary display. Users also have their own to-do list based on the tasks they have been assigned, which acts like a diary where each task has a due date.

Yes, through handheld devices, tablets or smartphones you can enter supply vital information in the form of surveys, signatures, photographs and even videos. Pulse can also be made to work with your existing mobile applications as we have published the Pulse Mobile APIs.

Yes. You can easily create a new user account for your customers' clients to access claims they initiated or are involved in. For example, you might give read-only access to claims to a customer which would mean they could only access claims linked to them and not make any changes.

Yes, all major accounting systems such as Sage can be easily integrated with Pulse enabling invoices and payments to be accurately recorded. In addition, Pulse can generate the paper or electronic invoices in a timely fashion for clients and supply chain partners.

Yes, the information entered onto Pulse can only be accessed by authorised personnel. We take the security of your data very seriously and never share or sell your information to third parties. All the data is hosted in the European Union.

No, there are no large upfront software costs. Pulse is delivered as a hosted on-demand service and therefore offers a significant cost saving against traditional IT solutions, and running on Windows Azure means avoiding the hassle of having to purchase dedicated hosting platforms.

Using the most advanced cloud-based technology, Pulse has been designed to handle high traffic and transaction volumes using industry standard best practices. Having worked with the likes of Aviva, RSA, Legal & General and Cunningham & Lindsey, EDM Group Ltd are confident in their ability to meet your claims volume demands.

No. EDM Group Ltd has extensive experience in managing the migration process from your existing system to the new system with minimum fuss and cost.

See our Features page for more details about Pulse.

If you have any other questions you can contact us directly.