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Intelligent Claims & Case Management

Claims management software for property repair, building restoration and emergency response markets.


Pulse is easy to use, has low upfront costs and uses the very latest technology to help you reduce the costs of managing claims within your business.


  • Support for diverse case types including domestic, commercial and retail claims
  • Intelligent work allocation rules and configurable work queues
  • Customisable lifecycle workflow by case type and customer
  • Customer & contact management
  • Flexible claim ownership process
  • Document management including photo & video upload
  • Email Integration for inbound and outbound communications
  • Mobile data capture and management
  • Integration framework for insurer systems
  • Support for cash settlement, mandates, fulfilment and repudiation


  • Assess individual claims in real time
  • Proactive alerts for pending milestones & mitigation for missed KPI's
  • Manage diaries & events with an Outlook style diary display
  • Filter events by type, e.g. calls, emails, tasks, KPI's, and save time
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Visibility of KPI queues and priorities
  • Important information organised chronologically
  • Schedule appointments quickly by identifying qualified personnel
  • Customer notification by email or SMS


  • All claim correspondence will automatically include email exchanges
  • Automatically email all those involved on a claim
  • Relevant files easily attached to outbound emails
  • Email queueing system to enable fast response
  • Automatic identification of emails relevant to a claim
  • Simple email triaging process to allow quick screening
  • HTML email templating 
  • Easy upload control and drag/drop files capability
  • Full suite of APIs for finance and ERP integration


  • Multiple price and costs lists
  • Support for estimating, variations & final invoicing
  • Estimates by room and/or by trade
  • Supplier specific costings
  • Track restoration vs. replacement cost
  • Manage policy excess & delegated authority
  • Increased visibility of costs in real-time
  • Lower operational costs through efficient management of resources


  • Advanced workflow approval process
  • Audit various lifecycle stages including estimation and invoicing
  • Choice of manual or automatic auditing
  • Configurable support for trust levels, random sampling, cost thresholds and KPI assessment
  • Equipment audit
  • Audit reporting


  • Comprehensive, flexible reporting capability
  • Full visibility of KPI status across entire business
  • Powerful and flexible search functionality
  • Customer satisfaction services
  • Integration with finance systems such as Sage Accounting