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Intelligent Claims & Case Management

Claims management software for property repair, building restoration and emergency response markets.

Case Study

The Independent Group employs over 500 members of staff offering a wide range of services within the domestic, commercial and insurance markets.

Brands within the group are Ansa, ChemDry, Independent Inspections and Home & Comforts.



Independent Group 'IG'

Keen to streamline their claims process, eliminate inefficiencies and increase capacity, IG loved the fact that with Pulse they could achieve all these goals without the need for extra staff.  EDM Group Ltd ensured a smooth transition over to the new software, with IG customers’ enjoying continually high levels of customer care and service without interruption.

Pulse offers a full suite of capabilities such as:

  • An integrated approach
  • Reduced congestion during times of peak demand
  • Enhanced mobile technology
  • Improved claims cycle, from FNOL to completion
  • Reduced operating times
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Extensive load testing has revealed that Pulse has the capacity to handle over 25 million new claims and 12 million new appointments per year.