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Intelligent Claims & Case Management

Claims management software for property repair, building restoration and emergency response markets.

Why Pulse?

With many years experience in working in the insurance industry and with claims management systems, EDM Group Ltd has designed and built Pulse based on practical user requirements coupled with the latest web based technology to take advantage of cost and functionality benefits.

  • The most feature-rich solution with focus on claims / job management

    Pulse helps organisations improve their claims management process, providing visibility across your work in progress, eliminating inefficiency and increasing throughput capacity without adding staff.

  • Practical integration into insurers' back office systems

    EDM Group Ltd has integrated with systems from Aviva, RSA, Legal & General and Cunningham & Lindsey. Additional integration is provided to ERP and accounting systems such as Sage Accounting and the extensible integration framework can be made to support most back-office systems.

  • Customer choice for mobile data capture

    Pulse will publish APIs to integrate with third party mobile applications, alternatively Pulse mobile data capture can be used.

  • Reduced upfront costs with rapid return on investment and payback

    Pulse operates on a pay-on-demand pricing model to ensure the costs of the solution match the customer's business demand and growth.

  • Most advanced Cloud based technology

    Pulse uses the latest web technology to deliver a rich user experience. An enterprise ready platform Pulse has been designed to handle high traffic and transaction volumes using industry standard best practices.

Existing system audit and recommendations

EDM Group Ltd has the business and technical skills and experience to work with you to understand your business process and to map the Pulse product against this. A compelling value proposition and business case for system replacement based on tangible financial metrics.

System migration / replacement

EDM Group Ltd has managed countless systems replacement projects and has extensive experience in managing the migration process from your existing system to the new system.

Mobile data capture solution

Pulse offers customers the ability to capture off-site information electronically through handheld devices and tablets further improving the efficiency benefits of using Pulse. Pulse also has the flexibility to work with existing customer mobile solutions by integrating through published APIs.

Hosting and support services included

Pulse is a certified application running on the Windows Azure platform. Available in an all-inclusive pay-on-demand pricing model. Pulse takes the hassle away from purchasing dedicated hosting platforms.